Sankuro Chikamatsu
Personal Information
Username /u/Kaofthetower
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 120lbs
Affiliation Sunagakure
Clan Chikamatsu
Rank S-rank


11/8/15 30 feats (5 banked) bori v3.5 [shelved]

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Sankuro has rusty red hair and light brown eyes. He wears a black, loose-fitting pants and a black t-shirt. His arms


Sankuro Chikamatsu

are wrapped in cloth bandages from hands to shoulders. He wears a black cloth over his head that is tied down with his forehead protector. The cloth is long on the sides and back allowing the cloth to be wrapped over his nose and mouth to filter his breathing during sandstorms. Sankuro also has two puppet arms about midway down his torso. They usually remain under his shirt or hanging out of holes cut in the sides of the shirt. Kumadori:  Sankuro wears the typical stage make-up of Kabuki actors. On his face, he  has a red cross with beams crossing at the nose imposed over a purple v that radiates between the top two quadrants formed by the cross. Sankuro carries his puppet Reaper on his back wrapped up in bandages.

JONIN: Sankuro's appearance has matured with his growth as a ninja. He has most of his face paint, but sometimes wears a touch of red and purple paint, especially when performing. He also has donned a black cloak that he wears over his armor. His armor is another sight. It consists of hard plates, typically used for puppets, covering his chest, stomach, forearms, shins, and back. The plates are black that fades into a dark red at the edges. He now wears his forehead protector around his neck.

Sankuro has a very contagious personality. He is always happy and often enjoys making others laugh. During his free time he whips out his small puppets, Nana and Nono, and putting on impromptu puppet shows. Even in battle, Sankuro keeps a smile on his face, rarely showing his serious side. His greatest joy in life is the art of puppetry.


(Total: 259)
Strength: 15
Speed: 19
Chakra Levels: 27
Chakra Control: 35
Endurance: 35

CP: 185

Supercharge: 55

Banked: 0

Pupper Total: 35x3= 105


Strength: 30
Speed: 17
Endurance: 15

Banked: 1


Strength: 12
Speed: 25
Endurance: 25

Banked: 1


Strength: 22
Speed: 22
Endurance: 21

Banked: 0

Rank UpgradesEdit

Genin 1: Puppet Mastery
Genin 2: Poison Specialist
Chunin: Sealing Specialist
Jonin: Puppet Body Mod
S-Rank: Tinker
Kage Rank: N/A


Feats earned so far: 31
Banked feats: 6

  1. Chakra Threads - Sankuro is able to emit chakra threads from his chakra points. The chakra threads can be attached to people, kunai, or puppets to control movement. (10CP to create, 5CP per round to maintain)
  2. Puppet Arms - Sankuro built a set of puppet arms and attached them to chakra points in his sides. Chakra threads weave throught the arms allowing him to not only control the arms but to send out chakra threads from the fingertips.  The left arm contains a blade hidden in the wrist. It is only the length of his hand when extended. The right hand can be launched like a grappling hook. (Using the arms for an extra attack or to control an extra puppet costs 10CP, 5CP upkeep)
  3. Puppet: Reaper - Reaper is Sankuro's first puppet. He built it with help from clan elders for his rite of passage. Reaper has the same color hair as Sankuro. Reaper wears a black cloak covering his body. Reaper has four arms, two facing forwards and two facing backwards. Each arm contains a retractable sickle blade in the forearm (think praying mantis). Can break apart like Kankuro's crow puppet revealing blades to attack. Reaper has a maniacal look on his face. Reaper has the same make-up design as Sankuro but the cross is a dark red and the v is a dark blue. (Additional 5 CP per turn to control when broken apart)
    1. Puppet Technique: Death's Embrace- Reaper releases a toxin that coats his blades. The toxin slows the enemy when cut. (20 CP, -8 speed)
    2. Puppet Sealing Technique: Thousand Hands Manipulation Force- One of Reaper's arms opens revealing several compartments. These compartments are prepared with summoning seals in them, which calls forth a large number of long puppet arms that can bend and follow the opponent, then crush them with devastating force. (20 CP)
  4. Puppet: Chimera- Sankuro's Chimera puppet came from his own imagination. The puppet is a beast that has three heads. The left head is that of a lion. The lions head contains a row of small but sharp teeth and larger canines. The right head is a goat with long sharpened horns that rise from its head. Rising from the back, the beast's tail is a snake. The snake has two 5 inch fangs. The snake head is capable of 360 rotation. Long hair covers the beasts body (covers puppet torso down to knees) connecting the mane of the lion and a mohawk running up between the horns of the goat. A strip of hair also runs up the back of the snake to its head. The front legs of the beast are paws with claws not long enough to pierce skin but allows for grappling. The back legs are hooves with backwards knees that allow for the puppet to push off and leap with tremendous force.
    1. Puppet Technique: Famine's Envelopment- Chimera launches a small bomb of poisonous smoke at the enemy. (20 CP, -8 endurance)
  5. Puppet: Mother and Father- Mother and Father are a pair of puppets that are passed down to the most promising puppeteers. Mother wields a serrated katana that is stored in her right arm. Father wields a segmented wooden whip covered with kunai that is stored in his left hand/arm. They work together in unison bound by wires that run from Mother's left hand to Father's right. The puppets are restricted to remaining close to each other because of these wires (roughly 20 feet). When flushed with chakra these wires become razor sharp. (10 CP per turn)
    1. Puppet Technique: Pestilence's Conquest - Mother and Father circle around the enemy releasing a barrage of poisoned senbon on the enemy. (20 CP, -8 chakra control)
    2. Puppet Sealing Technique: Explosive Tag Team- Sank activates a pair of explosive seals on Mother's right palm and Father's left palm. The two flank the target with an explosive slap from each side. (20 CP)
  6. Core of Flesh- Sank has replaced his body and all his organs with puppet parts. As such he no longer feels pain from bodily harm. Only a core of flesh remains with a seal containing his soul. Only destroying the core can kill him. He can also now deck his body with hidden items just like any other puppet.
  7. Yin Seal (Level 3-100)
  8. Puppet Body Mod: Manticore Wings- A pair of bat-like wings are stored in Sank's back. They are capable of sustaining flight do to the gears Sank has installed and the lightweight material he has used in the construction of his new puppet body. The wings are large running most of the length of his torso. They are extremely study and made of the same material as the rest of his body. The veins of the wing are black, while the webbing is a dark red. (10 CP activate, 5 CP maintain)
  9. Puppet Body Mod: Manticore Tail- A scorpion-like tail (similar to Sasori's Hiruko puppet) extends from Sank's back. It is stored where his spine used to be and unfolds and stretches to a decent length. The tail is painted black but fades along the length to a dark crimson at the tip. The extendible iron tail provides offence by stabbing and defence by rotating around the body. (10 CP activate, 5 CP maintain) (CC based attacks)
  10. Clockwork Gnomes- Mechanical gnomes wound up with a key. When infused with chakra and released, the gnome will waddle and seek out their target. They explode upon impact. They are dropped from holes and the hands of the puppeteer and begin seeking their target. (10 cp)
  11. Clockwork Beetle- This sphere is set/dropped on the ground. The first thing to emerge from the sphere are the mandibles of the beetle in the shape of drill. The drill spends digging a hole in the ground for the beetle. The beetle reemerges underneath the targeted enemy and clamps down holding the enemy in place as well as delivering a rapid necrotoxin. [20 cp, 10 cp upkeep, -5 END] NOTE: This jutsu does not deal 20 cp worth of damage. Instead it serves as a 20 cp bind. Overcharging works similar as above, except that increasing the cost increases the strength of the bind, instead of damage, along with the poison strength.
  12. Puppet Body Mod: Convenient Seals- Sank has conveniently sealed his puppets and items bought with EP onto his body. This allows Sank to hide his puppets and weapons and safely sneak them past guards and the like. By releasing the seals the puppets emerge from the palm of his hands with threads already attached. (10 cp for cost of threads on puppets)
  13. Clockwork Boar- This sphere is typically rolled to begin gaining momentum. It expands into a charging boar that attempts to ram and gore opponent while spreading a debilitating neurotoxin. [40 cp, -8 STR two round debuff] NOTE: If the user of this technique overcharges it

by an additional 40cp, then the damage this technique causes is increased to 80cp, and the -8 debuff turns into a -12 two round debuff. If another 40cp is overcharged onto this technique, the total damage becomes 120cp, and the -12 debuff turns into a debuff that lasts four rounds. This pattern then continues. Ex: A 60 cp overcharge grants a 100cp attack, and a -12 debuff for three rounds.

  1. Stats
  2. Stats
  3. Stats
  4. Stats
  5. Stats

    Minotaur puppet (retired puppet)


Feat Culminations

  1. Puppet Show "Apocolypse"- A preparatory combo where Sank summons all his puppets and attaches strings to them. (10x number of puppets not already in combat.) (This is not an indiviual feat but rather just a amalgamation of unleashing his summoning scrolls and using Chakra threads)
  2. "Apocalypse" Act 1: Rapture- Sank has M&F's razor wires to bind the enemy. Once bound, Sank uses Reaper's Thousand Hands Manipulation Force on the trapped enemy. (30 CP)
  3. "Apocalypse" Act 2: Horsemen- Sank has each puppet attempt to apply their poisons. (80 CP)
  4. Puppet Show Intermission- Sank activates his Yin seal and chomps down on his chakra pill (+150 CP)


  • (4) Manticore Puppet Armor- Dark red and black puppet shell that covers chest, stomach, forearms, shins, and back. (Medium Armor)
  • (3) Military Rations Pill
  • (4) Shield Scroll (Stored in his left puppet arm for quick access)
  • Witch's Broom- This broom allows the user to fly around, ala witch style. It has three uses, and ninjas are efficient enough to stand on the broom and control it! (2 uses left)
  • 2x Strobe Light Bomb(Functions as a Flash Bomb that goes off for three rounds. (1 time use)
  • Toothy, the pet Bat- What does A Pet Bat do? Well nothing really, though it can guide you through dark places on missions!
  • (0) Nana and Nono (non-combat, rp puppets, stored in small summoning scroll)
    Screenshot 48813 thumb wide610

    Nana and Nono dolls

  • (0) Toy crow puppet (non-combat, rp puppet, mission reward, stored in small summoning scroll)
  • (0) K9- A well made puppet in the shape of a small dog and animated by some unknown means. It's deceptively cute and simple looking, but look out for it's bite! Once per mission it can deliver a powerful poisonous bite that leaves behind a nasty poison (-5 end for 2 rounds). (Bought from ryo shop 20k)

Various items equipped to Sank or his Puppets (Specific setup will be supplied to OSes as needed before any combat/missions)

  • (3) Set of Kunai
  • (3) Two smoke bomb
  • (2) Makibishi (stored in elbows)
  • (3) Two flash Bomb
  • (4) Water summoning Scroll
  • (4) Lightning Tag
  • (4) Oil Summoning Scroll


  • Ryo earned: 155k
  • Ryo left: 22.5k
  • -60k to change Minotaur and related feats (3 feats)
  • 6k from Vash
  • 43k from Jace
  • 23.5k from Dany
  • 1k from Idate
  • 32 000 sent to Jace
  • (-2k 2 sp switched from STR to CL)
  • (15k first place fight night)
  • (-500 fight night ticket on Taro)
  • (-50k RU change)
  • (-5k Fight night)
  • (20k cashed in from raid reward)
  • (14.5k received from Vash)
  • 18.5k sent to new character(Vash)
  • 10k loan to Kaito

Completed MissionsEdit

Quest points

  • Total: 227
  • Banked: 0
  • Reset Day: Sunday

S-Rank: 7 4QP 2000ryo (5/20/2014) 4QP 2000ryo (5/6/2014) 4QP 2000ryo (4/17/2014) 4QP 2000ryo (3/29/2014) 4QP 2000ryo (3/2/2014)! 4QP 2000ryo (2/15/2014) 4QP 6000ryo (10/15/2013)

A-Rank: 13 4QP 2000ryo (4/14/2014) 3QP 1500ryo (4/8/2014) 4QP 2000ryo (4/7/2014) 4QP 2000ryo (3/29/2014) 3QP 1500ryo (3/27/2014) 3QP 1500ryo (2/19/2014) 4QP 2000ryo (2/8/2014) 2QP 1000ryo (2/7/2014) 4QP 4000ryo (10/25/2013) 4QP 4000ryo (10/25/2013) 4Qp 4000ryo (10/18/2013) 4QP 4000ryo (9/25/2013),_YEAH! 4QP 4000ryo

B-Rank: 17 4QP 2000ryo (7/14/2014) 3QP 1500ryo (5/8/2014) 3QP 1500ryo (4/22/2014) 4QP 2000ryo (4/5/2014) 4QP 2000ryo (4/3/2014) 4QP 2000ryo (3/24/2014) 4QP 2000ryo (3/2/2014) 4QP 2000ryo (9/21/2013) 4QP 2000ryo 4QP 2000ryo 4QP 2000ryo 4QP 2000ryo 4QP 2000ryo,_Big_Boy 4QP 2000ryo

The Riddlemaster 4QP 2000ryo and Toy Crow puppet

C-Rank: 12 0QP 1000ryo (4/10/2014 -Capped) 4QP 2000ryo (4/7/2014) 2QP 1000ryo (3/8/2014) 2QP 1000ryo (3/8/2014) 4QP 2000ryo (2/11/2014) 4QP 2000ryo (2/4/2014) 3QP 1000ryo (9/27/2013) 4QP 1000ryo

Stealing the Sandal 3QP 1000ryo

Roaches, Roaches, Roaches 4QP 1000ryo

Terror in Iwa 3QP 1000ryo

Retaking a Town 4QP 1000ryo

D-Rank: 0

Raids: 3 5QP 6000ryo (11/17/2013) 4QP 2500ryo (11/3/2013) 5QP 3000ryo (9/28/2013)

Other: 28 2QP 1000ryo (12/4/2015) 1QP 500ryo (11/18/2015)

2QP 1000ryo (11/19/2015) 1QP 500ryo (11/18/2015) 2QP 1000ryo (5/23/2014) 1QP 500ryo (4/29/2014) 1QP 500ryo (4/17/2014) 1QP 500ryo (4/11/2014) 1QP 500ryo (3/27/2014) 1QP 500ryo (2/15/2014) 1QP 500ryo (2/14/2014) 1QP 500ryo (2/7/2014) 1QP 500ryo (11/7/2013) 1QP 500ryo (11/6/2013) 1QP 15000ryo (10/26/2013) 1QP 500ryo (10/19/2013) 1QP 500ryo (10/15/2013) 1QP 500ryo (9/18/2013) 1QP 500ryo 1QP 500ryo 2QP 1000ryo 1QP 500ryo 1QP 500ryo 1QP 500ryo

A New Arrival 1QP 500ryo 1QP 500ryo 1QP 500ryo

Personal Story: 4 1QP 500 (4/17/2014) 1QP 500ryo (10/28/2013) 1QP 500ryo (10/19/2013),_A_Lamp,_and_Fate 1QP 500ryo

Overseer: 2 4QP 2000ryo (7/14/2014) 4QP 2000ryo (7/13/2014)

History and StoryEdit

Sankuro Chikamatsu grew up as the heir to the Chikamatsu clan, a relatively small clan in Sunagakure. His clan specializes in the art of puppetry. From a young age Sankuro was trained to use chakra threads with his toy puppets, Nana and Nono. As he got older he began to learn the craftsman trade of creating puppets. He was taught everything from how to create simple pulley mechanisms to how to line a string of gears together for more complex maneuvers. Sankuro crafted himself a pair of puppet arms, and with the help of his grandpa, he connected the arms to chakra points. When Sankuro graduated from the ninja academy, it came time for his rite of passage into adulthood of the clan. The rite of passage involved the gathering of the perfect materials, design, and construction of his personal puppet.

Sank has been entrusted with the Mother and Father puppets for his promising skill as the next great puppeteer.

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