Sayuka Inazoi
Sayuka Inazoi
Personal Information
Username NPC
Age 24
Gender Female
Height 5'10"
Weight 142lbs
Affiliation Kiri
Clan None
Rank S-Rank

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

A high ranking Jonin Commander for Kirigakure, Sayuka embodies a certain blood-lust streak reminiscent of the old 6th Mizukage. She is known for having a maid fetish and is frequently seen wearing a maids headband and pinafore. Skilled with knives and other short blades she derives great pleasure from taunting her opponents and slowly slicing them to pieces!

Stats (Total:109)Edit

Strength: 10Edit

Speed: 15Edit

Intelligence: 11Edit

Chakra Levels: 16Edit

Chakra Control: 21Edit

Endurance: 11Edit

Banked: 0Edit

Rank UpgradesEdit

Genin 1: BukijutsuEdit

Genin 2: Taijutsu SpecialistEdit

Chunin: Genjutsu SpecialistEdit

Jonin: Space/Time JutsuEdit

S-Rank: Summoning RashomonEdit

Kage Rank: N/AEdit


Feats earned so far: 17Edit

Banked feats: 0Edit

  1. Buki- Extra Equipment (+12 to shop allowance)
  2. Buki- Indiscriminate (can throw kunai/shuriken from both hands at once, and up to four from each hand)
  3. Buki- My Knife's Recursions (uses thread to make thrown weapons change trajectory in the air)
  4. Buki- Inscribe Red Soul (volley of melee knife slashes that pushes opponent back which turn into thrown knives)
  5. Tai- Muda Da (a volley of punches that once started cannot be blocked)
  6. Tai- Tunnel Effect (leaps into the air and delivers a downwards punch that can send a shockwave though objects and crush whatever is underneath
  7. Gen- Illusional Misdirection (projectiles are not where they appear and dodging means you'll hit the real ones)
  8. Gen- Mudering Jack (knives appear to fly everywhere causing fear and hiding forms of real knives)
  9. Time- Luna Clock (freezes time momentarily so that Sayuka can throw many knives before unfreezing time and letting them all fly simultaneously)
  10. Time- Corpse Clock (aftects the time of thrown projectiles so they slow down or speed up casuing pediction of their movement to be difficult)
  11. Time- Luna Dial (slows movements of a single target for some time)
  12. Sum- Rashomon
  13. Sum- Double Rashomon (adds a second)
  14. Sum- Triple Rashomon (adds a thrid)
  15. Sum- Air Rashomon (can summon a Rashomon from the air causing it to fall and land on a target)
  16. Dual:Buki/Time - Imaginary Vertical Time (Stops time and using bod flicker, Sakuya flickers to 4 different locations loosing off knives from each location, then unfreezes time)
  17. Quad:Buki/Tai/Time/Sum ZA WARUDO (starts with a Muda Da, whe the enemy is reeling she performs a luna dial but keeps time frozen, leaps into the air and summons an air rashmon. She unfreezes time and has the stuck target flung by the knives and has the rashmon land on them. She then performs a concussive strike through the rashomon destroying it and transmitting all the damage to the opponent)


  • Fuma shuriken from summoning marks (7)
  • Set of Kunai (3)
  • Set of Senbon (3)
  • Pair of chakra conducting shuriken (2)
  • Pair of chakra conducting shuriken (2)
  • Three explosive tags (3)
  • Sealing tags (3)

History and StoryEdit

Elegant, knowledgeable, and refined. However, can be surprisingly careless from time to time. That power of hers distances her from the human race. She has given up trying to be friendly to ordinary people. She does not care about honour or power; she thinks so long as it earns her dinner! She has no real weak points but can't eat hot (temperature) foods. Since she wants her knife-throwing skills to be comparable to her cooking skills, Sayuka is incredibly good at cooking.

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