Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Acquire the scroll detailing the abilities of the seven swordsmen from a small, but heavily guarded fishing village.


random mission, no story associated.

Mission RecapEdit

The group of ninja were tasked to retrieve a scroll from a shrine in a small, but heavily guarded fishing village. The scroll contained information about the abilities of each of the seven swordsmen and their swords. The ninja boarded a boat and headed to the village while deciding on a plan to steal the scroll. The village was full of enemy ninja but Orr noticed that a group of four were headed into a bar. Nui hedged herself as an extremely attractive woman and coerced the already inebriated ninja to drink some more. The ninja invited her back to their barracks and she accepted the invitation leading the ninja right into an ambush. The team dispatched the enemies easily, as they were very drunk and assumed their identities. From here they snuk into the shrine and deciphered a riddle (kinda simple) that told them the scroll was under the shrine. Nui checked for traps and found one. The team slipped out the desired scroll and replaced it with their mission scroll, before doing so they burned all the important info from the mission scroll. They then escaped back to the docks. All parties received 2 QP and 1000 ryo for their efforts.

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