A slight modification to the curse mark allows Eclipse to use curse chakra for jutsu instead of normal chakra without going into 1st state, this also depletes the reserves of the curse mark and not his own natural chakra. This is not without a price though, when using this he is forcefully pulling chakra into his body, which is dangerous and painful in itself, and if he depletes the curse's reserve of chakra and activates it, the mark won't add to his chakra reserves if he uses his cursed state.

Current 'Cursed' jutsu

  • Cursed Clone Technique - A spin on the shadow clone jutsu, but because the 'cursed' chakra is used, these clones are stronger and faster than shadow clones. The most outstanding feature of Cursed clones is that they only dissapear when lethally wounded. This kind of clone takes a lot of chakra and it would be very difficult to have any more out at one time.
  • Cursed Summon - Summons Oniko, but she is now more feral looking, stronger, faster, and a lot more violent, she has to take a lethal hit to teleport back to her realm, where she will heal.
  • Cursed Elements seal: Black fires appear on Eclipse's fingers instead of purple, when touched part of his opponents chakra is sealed away and a part of Eclipse's cursed chakra is put into their system, causing that person's chakra and Eclipse's to mix fight in that person's chakra path-ways, slowly destroying that person, the pain that they experience at that time is extreme. (Causes the opponent to need more CP to use jutsu as well and losing 40 CP, the opponent need to use an extra 5 CP for every 10 CP the jutsu uses, chakra pathway poisoning)

Approved 4/30/13 bori (v2.2)Edit

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