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Investigate the field of bodies and figure out who done it and why.


The pasture of some farmer was torn apart and rotting bodies and body parts were strewn about creating a grotesque scene. The finding was immediately reported to Konoha and a team of four ninjas were sent out to investigate.

Mission RecapEdit

Asumizu, Nen, Kai, and Sessho arrived at the gruesome scene. After some gawking and near vomiting, they ascertained a few facts and found a trail leading off and away. They followed it to a clearing in the woods near another village, though the trail then turned into wagon treads that led somewhere else. They went to the village to try to find out more and do some scouting.

They managed to identify some suspicious people in the tavern and tailed them. This aroused some suspicion and anger from the people, though as they were entering their house Kai glimpsed dirty shoes. Sessho then broke down the door, but found no one inside. After some searching, Kai went to investigate the shed where he found tools that had clearly been used out in the field.

While he was investigating he was ambushed and pulled into the ground, with the assailant rising up to swing at his head with a tool. Asumizu tried to intervene and the man attacked him, but Asumizu's counter was able to keep the man from hitting Kai and free him from the soil. A fight then touched off and the party won. The group was briefly able to interrogate the dying leader, then Kai was able to claim some items from his body including keys, notes, and a scroll.

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