Mission DetailsEdit

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Recruit the Bright sun village to the Suna/Konoha Alliance


Kantaro and Orr will meet for the first time, and try to strengthen their chances in possible war by recruiting the Bright Sun Village.

Mission RecapEdit

After meeting, Kantaro and Orr talked of the mission. Shortly after they were ambushed, but to their luck they were weak thugs. Shortly after, they arrived at the village, explaining their mission. After turning in their weapons they conversed with it's leader.

The leader exclaimed that he did not require an alliance, but Kantaro and Orr warned him of the coming dangers... that no land would be safe in the massive war, with so many criminal organizations and allies there would be too many differing goals, turning all the land into nothingness. He wasn't convinced, and instead started getting angry at the leaf, for rumor was they allied with akatsuki, who apparently killed the leaders young boy.

After fighting him and his guards, who found them guilty, it ended abruptly when a guard ran in saying that bandits had come. They took his daughter hostage, and knocked out the leader. Kantaro and Orr spent a good while on defeating these men, saving the leader's daughter in the process, and they both picked up some bad wounds. 

The leader thanked them, and said he would discuss the possibility of an alliance with his people. Orr told him next time they would inform him of their coming (which they didn't this time), to which the leader told them both: "Next time, there will be a warm bed, food, and hospitality for you here." And both the ninja started to head back to their village, when they ran into the the Amegakure war preparation camp, and stayed to help the cause.

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