Name: Feathered Wings of Starfire

Classification: Ninjutsu
Parent Rank: Seishin Hosuto
Class: Offensive/Defensive/
Range: Mid/Short/Personal
Hand Seals: None
Game Requirements
Chakra Control:9
Chakra Level: 9

The users arms are covered with celestial chakra that takes the appearance of Fukurou's wings. They start at his shoulders and extend down out past his hands by several feet.

These wings can be used both for offense and defence.

Defensively they can be wrapped around the user as a  protection from an enemies jutsu's, absorbing the strike once like a sheild, before they fade, The wings are large enough to block and cover the user's whole body.

Offensively the user  can  'flap' these wings once by moving their arms correspondingly. This send a huge blast of starfire in an arcing wave forwards along the floor out towards the opponents, it has a short to mid range and scorches anything in it's path. [20CP]

Known Users:
Kiyoshi Satou