Nara - The White StagEdit

Nara is the Deer Spirit Beast, the Seishin Hosuto. She is the protector of the Moon, Deer, Cherry Blossoms and the Nara clan. She is protected by living in the Nara clan forest and the deep care the family has for the deer. It lived under the safety Cherry Blossom's in the Nara clan forest. A deep part of their land that few know about. It remained there for generations.


Nara is a majestic stag that stands 60ft tall and almost 120ft in length. She has mesmerizing antlers that grow and shed cherry blossom's constantly. When the moon hovers over her, the cherry blossoms will not shed and her antlers become a luscious tree canopy. Her lunar glow becomes evident and everything under her canopy seems to become renewed, but that are just rumors.

When brought to the human word with Assha, she becomes Bjuu like. Her aura flowing out from her fur, leaving a trail of cherry blossom pedals in her wake. Her antlers recede into her body, giving her more chakra and her size doubles. Nara's demeanor elegant and tranquil shows as she seemingly hovers on the forest floor with each step. 

Ability & PowersEdit

Seishin Chakra: All spirit beast's have a very large reserve of chakra that their host can draw upon. (User gets 15CP for each feat invested in Seishin Hosuto abilities)

Shroud of Nara: Nara is awakened, and Assha is covered in a of shroud of Nara's cherry blossom pink chakra. When the mode is active black lines like shadows appear around his body and connect to the Nara clan symbol on his back where his seal is. His hair crops back leaving a trail of cherry blossom pedals to dissolve once he walks fat enough away. The collar of the robe splits off like antlers on a deer and grows cherry blossoms. The shorud grants a boost to a physical stats. The shroud grants a +4 full boost to STR, SPD, and END. [20 CP/round] (If the seishin beam is the only offensive action during a round, then a single seishin beam may be used at half cost.)

Mind Duality: The user and Seishin have become one in mind, and they are able to use this to their advantage. It gives the user advanced perception and reflexes. Grants a +3 partial boost to STR and SPD. [10 CP/round]

Seishin Beam: The Bijuu have their bombs, the Seishin have their beams. The Seishin beam is a very powerful and very taxing technique. It shoots out a beam from the mouth or hand at with a length of around 60ft, it can be used long enough to spread it in a 90 degree spread or focused on a spot for more damage. [40 CP]

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