Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 2013-06-9
  • Submitted by: Clais Hontane
  • Rank: D
  • Overseer: Tibs
  • Recapper: Clais Hontane
  • QP Reward: 2
  • Ryo Reward: 2000

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Clais Hontane
  • Hokori
  • Amaya

Mission ProfileEdit


Investigate disturbances in a town in the land of wind

Mission RecapEdit

The group walks on the road talking and bickering to each other til they arrive in the abandoned town. Clais finds some jerky and hands some to Amaya, but its destroyed by a kunai. The man who threw the kunai taunts them before vanishing into a building. The group follows him in and is trapped in a room with paper bombs, hokori launches a dust wall, but the bombs dont go off, a man appears behind clais holding a kunai to his throat, Clais turns into his demon inner self. The man gets destroyed by lightning jutsus. 2 other men appear, but turn out to be genjutsu and vanish. The town is quiet after that. Mission end.

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