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A Shadow Monster is an eerie monster first discovered by Emiri-ro upon their research of the Anti-dimension. Shadow Monsters are enslaved by the chakra of those who pull them from the Anti-dimension and forced to do their bidding. For this reason, most Shadow Monster's hate humans.


Shadow Monsters have extremely variable power. Some can be as weak as a genin, and others can be practically Kage level. They all have similar abilities though.

Form Changing- Each shadow monster can change their form freely. This includes being able to use tentacles, sprout multiple arms and hands, and move freely as puddles of shadow. However, all of these are able to be hurt, no matter what form they are in.

Jutsu Stealing- By stealing some of the chakra of those they grab onto, Shadow Monsters are able to steal one jutsu from them and use it against them. 

Shadow Based Jutsu- Any shadow monster can use shadow based techniques, and each one can use completely different jutsu. A common one seen is a cloud that puts the opponent under a genjutsu or another is a ball of shadow power used to make grand explosions.

Complete Change- The shadow monsters can change their form and copy the raw power of those they have grabbed onto, increasing their strength greatly. This however, is very rarely seen. 

Erratic Mind - The Shadow Monster's mind originate in the Anti-World, and so does their chakra. To any genjutsu users or mind reader, their thoughts are viewed as too all over the place to even read or make sense of, much less control. This makes them resistant through tampering with their mind by anyone who isn't a Spectre.

Shapeshifting - Shadow Monsters can shapeshift into other beings from the positive world, thanks to the enhancements from the experiments of Emiri-ro.

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A shadow monster having a form change


Shadow Monsters are actually residents of the Anti-dimension. For every one person there is in the regular world, there is the opposite person in the Anti-World. Shadow Monsters are those people, given form. They were first discovered by Shoko Maki when she went into the Anti-World. Later, they were discovered by Emiri-ro and pulled into the world. From then on, they were enslaved by chakra and forced to fight for Takigakure. Their ruler, is the Grand Shadow Monster, a being with such power, it took Sejio-ro a couple days to enslave him too. Shadow Monsters in the real world actually obey anyone with negative chakra, hoping to find a way home through them. They have a telepathic connection with the Spectres and anyone with negative chakra inside of them.

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