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Shinji and Tibs encountered each other in a field. The fight was on. Tibs threw shuriken at Shinji, who dodged and made bubbles. Tibs then used a water scroll and Shinji detonated his bubbles, causing some harm to Tibs. Tibs went underground in the mud and snuck up behind to stab what he thought was Shinji, but it was just a bubble clone that detonated and caused further injuries to Tibs. Tibs retreated behind a tree and tied his trench blades together, then threw them at the real Shinji who emerged from behind a tree. As Shinji charged, Tibs threw the trench blades at him and tried to clothes line him and hit him with a water bullet, but Shinji jumped over the attacks and hit Tibs with Amaterasu. Tibs collapsed in pain. Shinji used the last of his chakra to quell the fire and then passed out. Tibs passed out right after.

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