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Get Samehiga from the Shrine of the Demon Shark


Amaya has been on the search for the Samehiga for some time. She first journeyed to a Hoshigaki temple to try and find the sword, but it was not there. Clues pointed to it being at the Shrine of the Demon Shark, however. After her encounter with Knowledge and after some time spent healing from her wounds, she decides she needs this weapon, in addition to needing some more combat experience in which to hone her skills.

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Responding to Amaya's aid are Jeisen Uchiha and Eclipse. The three meet up at outpost and discuss the task at hand, objectives, and likely opponents they will encounter. They then head off to the shrine, which sits in a grassy valley. There they see that there is a door guard, but also three other ninjas patrolling nearby. They approach and are met by these three guards, and although Amaya asks nicely for the sword they decline and combat begins. Amaya took on the naginata wielder and beat him first, while Jeisen and the dual katana wielder fought, though Amaya's assistance was necessary in , and Eclipse fought against a ninja with a great sword.

The guard at the door tapped out some alert to the occupants of the shrine and then unleashed a great lightning dragon attack at the trio of supposed intruders. Eclipse and Jeisen were hit and momentarily stunned. Then a monk appeared at the door and demanded to know what was going on. Amaya was able to convince him to allow her entrance to see the sword, then the monk told her more about the sword and its connection to Yamachi and Yamachi's followers. Amaya channeled Yamachi's chakra to prove her connection and the monk rewarded her by gifting the sword to her, 'its rightful owner'.