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protect the researchers


After the Tann’s success at retaking the temple and saving the Genin, the kazekage decides to have the Tann group take over the researcher’s protection mission.  After leading the researchers back through the desert to the temple they set up their perimeter.  After a few days of nothing the other part of the bandit group that the Tann’s had taken down show up and lay siege to the temple, the Tann’s now on the other side of what had happened when they did the same thing must defend the researchers and the artifacts that they have uncovered as per orders.

Mission RecapEdit

  • Someone runs out of the temple, unknown.
  • The ceiling has 100’s of chakra thread spread out, with a hiddenpuppet in the ceiling
  • Traitor “worker” sends shadow clone to trick them, using the puppet to try and kill them, which came out of slab of earth
  • Other puppets are wrapped around columns in ceiling
  • 6 earth spots (same as puppet opening) on roof in lab room for access by bandits
  • 10 shadow clones come through the front, real 10 people come to steal the artifacts
  • Orr takes them all out, with one remaining that has a perfect defense of 10 puppets surrounding him.
  • Particle bomb takes out 2, down to 8
  • Twins are out, nitoshi hit by shuriken, wrapped in chains and puppets weighted down by nitoshi’s jutsu(takes out 4, down to 4)
  • Lightning tag drops, takes out 1, down to 3 puppets, kusaragami takes down another, 2 left he wears them like armor
  • Armor on head cracked and feet destroyed when disk from earth pillar crushes feet, nitoshi head butts his head and is knocked out
  • Twins particle punch hole in armor at belly, orr kills him with focused dust bomb

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