Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Stop the man who has been robbing a town


While traveling, Kai and Asumizu overheard gossip about a man with strange abilities who was robbing people in the town. They gathered some more information and learned he had built up a following and been causing trouble. They decided to put an end to this.

Mission RecapEdit

After information gathering in the village, the two headed for the river which had caves nearby. They wandered around in the caves for some time before they found others in them. They attacked and those who were not immediately incapacitated launched a counter attack. After they beat them up they encountered the man they were after, who had a strange presence that left them weaker. They fought against him, but were barely capable of touching him while he was able to injure both of them. He decided they were rather boring, so he summoned a scorpion and left. The scorpion was much easier to beat, though they were left frustrated by the man's escape and abilities.

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