Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 2013-06-11
  • Submitted by: Haiyoku Monigetsu
  • Rank: C
  • Overseer: Levi
  • Recapper: Levi
  • QP Reward: 3 QP
  • Ryo Reward: 1000 (-1000ryo for Haiyoku Monigetsu)

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Get the tablet


The ninja need to retrieve a stone tablet from a tower inhabited by summoning snakes.

Mission RecapEdit

The ninja head up to the tower, which has a massive snake coiled around it. when they see a man lying down in the bushes.  Haiyoku decides to try and kill him, though the man is a lot stronger then he seems and instead he punches Haiyoku in the gut. Hokori has to drag Haiyoku away. They enter the tower through a crack in the wall and see the tower is filled with big snakes. They climb up through a crack in the ceiling. They see a massive snake and are shocked, but it turns out to be a statue. there are a lot of snake satues in the room. Two snakes enter and the ninja hide behind the statues. The snakes don't find up and the ninja's trail them. Though snakes are coming up from the back and they hide on the walls. They get out using a window and walk along to the top that way. Meanwhile they see some sort of deathceremony. With snakes asking why "he" killed him. When they get up they see the death ceremony was for the big snake. It's face is smashed in. They see the stone tablet, but apparantly the man from earlier placed a seal on Haiyoku. He comes out of the seal, grabs the tablets and runs. Haiyoku calls Snakes, snakes, snakes and a cobra comes to attack them. The man is gone and the ninja have t fight the cobra. It can spit a very corrosive acid.They battle while climbing down the tower. In the end they are on the second floor. Haiyoku tries to blow up the building, but he only does minor damage and just manages to piss of the inhabitants. By doing this Haiyoku also knowingly couldn't dodge an acid spray. His retina's and most of his skin is burned. However in the chaos of the explosion Hokori could get Haiyoku out of there before all the snakes came to attack them. They got out of there without the tablet and Haiyoku severely damaged. Haiyoku has to pay a 1000 ryo hospital bill.

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