Sora was one of the 2 survivors to make it out of the zombie attack in a remote village near Otokagure. She was rescued by Ezekeial, Masaki and Sakurai.

Early lifeEdit

Sora was born into a middle class family. She excelled in her early studies and was very intrested in the history of her village. She was a very outgoing little girl. The day after she turned 14, a mysterious infection plagued her city. She saw as the infected ravaged her friends. She ran home, only to see her parents getting devoured. She ran into the cellar and dropped some drawers behind her locking herself in. Outside things were set ablaze, and smoke slowly started to creep in thourgh the vents. Luckily, Ezekeial rescued her from certain death. Unfortunetley she had inhaled too much smoke and her vocal chords and had lost her ability to speak possibliy permanent.

After the attackEdit

After being rescued, she was brought back to the Leaf village. For some odd reason, she had grown fond of zeke. she felt safe and secure around him. then again, most girls do. While reporting the mission details to the Hokage-sama, Ezekeial requested that he be Sora's escort seing as how she had been traumatized. The hokage accepted the request. Zeke and Sora became pracically unseprable. Zeke and Sora returned to the Cloud village, where they met up with zeke's teamates Kira and Nui.

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