Name: Spectre Wrath
Kanji: 幽霊怒り
Romanji: Yūrei ikari

Classification: Taijutsu
Parent Rank: Taijutsu Specialist
Class: Offensive
Range: Long
Hand Seals: n/a
Game Requirements
Chakra Control: 10
Chakra Level: 13

The user claps their hands together and funnels a large amount of chakra into their body. Then which their chakra enhanced strength and speed, they open their palms at an alarmingly fast rate, creating a large amount of air pressure. Then the air pressure is focused and the user throws another alarmingly fast punch, launching a blast that looks like this. The blast is launched forward, and when it hits the enemy releases all of the pressure, in a violent concussive explosion with power that can be felt quite a distance away.

The blast however, only needs half as much chakra and chakra control when the user has opened the 7th gate, having the strength and speed needed already. The user, when under the 7th gate, can just simply punch and the blast is launched forward. It has an equal amount of power as the original.

Known Users:
Nobu the Walking Bomb

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