Squad infoEdit

  • Date: 08/11/13
  • Lead by: Jeisen Uchiha
  • Rank: Young squad
  • Village: Konoha
  • Number of missions: 2

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Leader: Jeisen Uchiha, an experienced ninja with mastery over the sharingan. He is calm and collected in battle, a good squad leader.
  • Strider, a calm, experienced nin. He's an user of the Lava Release, but finds it better to battle his opponents with a sword to avoid wasting chakra.
  • Ryuu Uzumaki, a strong but reckless fighter, much like his grandfather before him. Good use of the rasengan but prone to passing out after using too much chakra.
  • Ichirou Hiroki, the most inexperienced member of the squad, though he can hold his own. Passionate for his village, he strives to protect it.

Squad profileEdit


Rapidly increase experience level of the young ninja.


Squad 14 is one of the newest squads formed in konoha due to the increased level of danger of the ninja world and to fill a need to do more missions

Mission RecapsEdit

A small problem- The squads first mission as a unit together. They were to locate crimson lotus in a house in konoha and stop them before they could cause any damage. Though they managed to kill two powerful crimson lotus nins and gather vital intel, they were to late to stop a plan set forth by the lotus. Konoha was burning when they came outside. They were confronted by the leader of the lotus but were saved by the hokage. The hokage died in battle while squad 14 managed to get away safely.

Strike force - seeking to take the fight to the crimsion lotus, Squad 14 is assigned to to ambush a squadron in a attempt to disrupt the raids takining place in the near by land. They ambush the squadron in the main road, with Strider opening up with a wave of lava. As the battle ensues, Jeisen takes on the leader while the squad takes on the rest. After an intense battle, Squad 14 is victorious and walks away with no casualties.

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