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Win the fight.


Leadership of the Inquisition squads will be determined by having a fight amongst willing members of the squad, the winner of the fight will be the leader of the respective squad.

Mission RecapEdit

The fights begins as a three man free for all between Shinji, Ryo, and Hayate. After a lot of standing around and hardly fighting Shinji gets bored and drops out of the fight leaving only Hayate and Ryo. Ryo begins the fight with a smoke bomb using his Byakugan to maneuver throw the smoke and attempt to attack Hayate with his scythe. Hayate is able to dodged because he is not in the smoke, and is also expecting the attack, he counter attacks by throwing his tanto (attached to a chain) into the smoke at Ryo, who is easily able to dodge. Ryo launches a volley of air palms that blow Hayate back onto the pond, but also clear the smoke. Hayate charges Ryo attempting to get in a deep slash on the man, Ryo is pleased Hayate closes the range and uses 138 palms on the man. Ryo misses most of the attacks but still deals significant damage to Hayate, but he is also focused on the attack and Hayate's slices catches Ryo in the arm, making that arm nearly useless. Hayate launches a laser gun attack at Ryo who rotations to deflect it, Hayate shoots one last time and the blast strikes Ryo in the chest ending the fight. Ryo then leaves Intuition and Ame, his final words sound reminiscent of a threat and Hayate fires another laser at him. Shinji takes the blast for Ryo, he then quits, and Shinkirō dismisses Hayate from the organization.

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