Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Defeat the man in the village for bounty


The group goes out from the cafe to find some thieves and turn them in for bounty

Mission RecapEdit

Jeisen, Sankuro, and Hokori are sitting in a café talking about the recent burglaries.  Celeste walks in the café and walks over to the group.  They continue talking about the thieves and decide that they should go beat up on them.  They walk outside and on the mission board there is a reward for capturing the thieves.  However, it did not say where the thieves were located.  The nin discussed this and decide that they should head off in the direction where they were last seen.  After traveling for a bit, Sankuro spots a small, semi-hidden path, which the nin decide to follow.  The path leads them to a small village.  They decide to look around the village, but they cannot find anyone.  They meet back in the middle.  Then someone laughs over the rooftops.  The group turns around to find out it is another nin.  Celeste attacks with her crossbow, but the nin smacks the bolt out of the air.  Sankuro attacks the nin with his puppet and manages to land a hit.  Jeisen activates his sharingan and blinks in front of the nin, attempting to kick him, but is thrown back with a gust of wind.  Hokori launches a particle bomb and throws a kunai at the nin, but only the kunai hits him in the right shoulder.  The nin the shoots a gust of wind carrying tree needles at the group.  Hokori blocks them with his dust barrier, protecting the rest of the group.  Celeste fires her smite at the nin.  He dodges, but she is able to follow him with it and burn his right leg.  Sankuro sends another puppet in, swinging its swords, which the nin blocks.  However, the puppet shoots a poisoned kunai at the man, which hits him enough to put the poison in his blood.  Then Jeisen flickers to the nin and stabs him with kunai in both shoulders, taking the nin down.  The group interrogates the nin for a while, but does not find out much information.  They then take the man back to claim their reward.

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