As you can see, there are different bonuses for each CP cost and number of stats affected. So how this works is, that the stat bonus increases the more CP per turn you put into it. This amount is defined by the different CP columns (5 CP, 10 CP, etc). But the amount boosted is also decreased as the number of stats it affects increases.

Example: You have a stat boosting ability, and it increases strength. You put in 10 CP per turn for this ability. As shown in the table, you get +5 to Strength. Alternatively, if you wanted to include 3 stats - Strength, Speed and Endurance - and still kept it at 10 CP per turn you would only get +2 for each of those stats.

You cannot include more then 2 Stats for 5 CP a turn, hence the X marks.

A partial and a full bonus can be stacked for the same attribute (i.e. strength) but you cannot stack multiple fulls or partials for the same stat. 


Full bonuses

# affected 5 CP 10 CP 20 CP 40 CP
1 +3 +5 +8 +12
2 +2 +3 +5 +8
3 x +2 +4 +6
4 x x +3 +5

Partial bonuses

# affected 5 CP 10 CP 20 CP
1 +3 +5 +8
2 +2 +3 +5
3 x +2 +4
4 x x +3

You can see there are two different tables, one for "partial" stats and one for "full" stats. What are those exactly?

Let's use Speed as an example. Speed determines a character's.... speed. This includes both basic movement speed as well as reaction times, and determines the turn order in combat. A full stat bonus to Speed makes both a character's basic movement speed and reaction times better. But a partial bonus to Speed would only make a character's basic movement speed or his/her reaction times better, but not both.

Using Strength as an example: Strength affects both a character's ability to hit and the damage they do. A full stat bonus would make both the character's ability to hit and the damage they do better. But a partial stat bonus would only make a character's ability to hit or the damage they do better, not both.


There are now limits on how much a single stat can be boosted. This depends on the number of feats you have according to this table:

Max CP that can be invested in boosting 1 stat feats needed
5 always available
10 always available
15 always available
20 5
25 8
30 12
35 15
40 19
45 23
50 27
55 31
60 36

For example, someone with 5 feats can spend a maximum of 20 CP on buffing a single stat of theirs, i.e. strength. This can be in the form of a single 20 CP buff or 2 partial 10 CP buffs. Similarly, someone with 15 feats can at most spend 35 CP on buffs to a single stat, such as strength. However, more than 20 CP can be spent on boosts total, for example a 15 feat player can boost strength by 20, speed by 20, and endurance by 20. Rules for stacking partial and full boosts still apply.