Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Steal a scroll in route from a shrine in teh fire country to konoha.


A collector with deep pockets told Taiki that the scroll would look much better in his collection than in the leaf village.

Mission RecapEdit

The team arrived in a forest to intercept the wagon caring the scroll. When they arrived they saw a man casually napping in the crook of a tree. Taiyo threw a kunai at his head, it hit and his lifeless body fell to the ground in a pool of blood. The team continued on and noticed the wagon.

I was guarded by four naginata wielding guards and a large man who was driving the horses. The team defeated them, Taiki and Taiyo taking some serious wounds. During the fight everyone but Okami was struck with a poisoned arrow. When the team defeated the guards the archer who had struck them appeared to claim the scroll. He took it from the wagon.

The ninja were able to stop him (he wasn’t a fighter just a man with a bow and poison with basic clone ninjutsu) and acquire the scroll. The man begged for his life and the ninja granted it, in return he gave them the anti-toxin and said he was in their debt (they might use this later?).

The team decided to take the scroll and 3 thousand Ryo in the wagon and the scroll rather than returning the scroll to the mission benefactor for a reward. Each member of the team received 1000 Ryo, except for Taiki who took the scroll. The scroll can summon a single shadow clone one time.

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