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Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Stop Leon Chamé from stealin the sandal


A famous thief that seems to be invisible is going to steal a great treasure. The team needs to stop it.

Mission RecapEdit

The ninja's appear at the house the mission stated to meet at and a man let them in. He goes to show them his greatest treasure which needs to be gaurded at all costs. Then the man leaves for his own safety. While the team waits for Leon Chamé Sankuro makes flour bombs. Then they wait for Leon.

Takumi sees a big chakra network heading their way and it breaks down the door. Sankuro fires a flower bomb to the network and they see it is a big chameleon with Leon inside of it. Afterr a bit of talking they start to fight.

Takumi and Sankuro attack the chameleon, but the beast is fast and slaps Sankuro's puppet and Takumi away with its tongue. Meanwhile Leon blows away Sankuro and Kazuki by blowig up the ground beneath them. Kazuki attacks Leon with his sword, which Leon easily blocks, but then Takumi comes out and hits him with a few gentle fist attacks. Then Leon fires some stone spikes towards them. Kazuki gets hit in the foot and it is injured, while Takumi uses Kaiten to remain unharmed. Sankuro throws multiple kunai and manages to poison the big chameleon numbing its foot. The chameleon jumps down to crush Sankuro, but Sankuro uses his puppet arms to graple out of there. Kazuki summons water and Takumi throws a smoke bomb to cover Kazuki, but meanwhile Takumi is still visible. Leon fires multiple stone boulders at Takumi. Takumi breaks them down to small pebbles with his kaiten, but they keep going in the rotation. When it stops they all rush to Takumi leaving him bruised all over. Sankuro fires his puppet at the chameleon with hidden blades out and sends it dissapearing in a big cloud of smoke. Takumi fires a smoke bomb at Leon which covers him in smoke after Takumi goes down for a drop kick using his byakugan to see Leon pushing him into the ground. Leon lies defeated on the floor and the house is rined, but they saved the treasure from being stolen and that is what matters.

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