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Kill or capture the lieutenant before he can raise an army. Series quest, part three of X.


A follow up to their encounter with the rock chinin and the mysterious mand with the Mangekyou Sharingan!

Mission RecapEdit

The team of genin received a scroll from a messenger of the Riakage. The scroll, their first A rank mission, warns of the dangers of such an undertaking, but also hints at the rewards. One of the hostages from the team’s last mission reported overhearing the rock chunin discuss how the ransom money would be sent to a commander to outfit an army. This commander was supposed to be in the destroyed capital of the sound country. The team decided to take on the guise of wondering minstrels not knowing what to expect. On their journey they encountered a woman in a white robe wearing a mask. She was nestled in the neck of a tree and offered them food, as well a warning that they would find no patrons in the village ahead. After dinner she returned to the capitol city and the team decided to sneak in as well. They found the village deserted, but took note of a fire in the middle of the town. They split off to investigate the fire and note it to be nothing more than a bonfire set by the woman they met earlier. She is there kneeling in front of two mourning shrines. One is for Orochimaru, the other for the rock ninja they killed on their last mission. When the Ninja detects their presence she notices they are too sneaky to be traveling nomads and dispels their transformation.  She noticed them as the group who killed her brother (the rock ninja) and immediately attacks them. After a long battle, with everyone heavily injured the woman collapses from exhaustion and her injuries. The team agrees to kill the woman and bring her dead body back to the Riakage.

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