Studying the Art of WarEdit

  • Date: 2013-04-23
  • Submitted by: Kiyoshi Satou (/u/viggerous)
  • Rank: RP/Other
  • Overseer: n/a
  • Recapper: n/a
  • QP Reward: n/a
  • Ryo Reward: n/a

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit

Goal: A Cloud ninja is studying in the large library of knowledge of the Cloud. Over time a large collection of scrolls,documents and accounts of historical events has culuminated within the village.

Story: Once a child had graduated from the academy, they are granted access to the first tier of the Great Cloud Library. It was the next stage of developing it's next generation of ninja's. knowledge is key. This 'reward' at Genin is a this vast bounty of intellectual wealth.

Mission Recap (RP in process)

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