How to Use a SubstitutionEdit

Canon Naruto is often a little ambiguous on how insubstantial clones and substitutions work exactly. This is how they work for this community's purposes.

If a character wants to use a substitution, they must be out of sight from their opponent. At this time they can tell the overseer that they are using a substitute.

A substitute will emerge from wherever the character was when they were out of sight. Substitutes can't land effective punches, cannot actually hurt someone with equipment, cannot use jutsu, cannot throw ninja tools, etc. Just a decoy while the real ninja maneuvers out of sight or prepares a technique.

Once a substitute is 'killed' they turn back into a log, or water, or whatever other mundane thing that was used.

Players can call their opponent on it being a substitution and ignore them, as only the overseer was told they made one.

Each character can use a substitution once per battle for every 4 CC they have. CC 5 means you can use it once per battle, CC 16 means 4 times per battle. CC 3 cannot use it in a battle. Of course, few battles will involve more than one or two, if any.

If you wish to have your substitutions turn into something like lightning or explosives when hit, appropriate feats, Rank Upgrades and equipment are required.

Note that substitutions of the basic kind all cost 5 CP per use.

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