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Ensure that the leadership summit is held.


Levi has sent Zenko as his representative to a meeting between the Nakahara and Sarutari clans. There is friction between the two clans, but also some interest in working together and potentially joining either the large, established village in the Sound or Levi's smaller start-up. Zenko and his companions are to ensure that the meeting is held and try to persuade them to consider joining Levi's side.

Mission RecapEdit

Zenko, Nobu, Amaya, and Malkeru met up some distance from the meeting point to discuss objectives. They then set out on their way. Not long after they departed they encountered a 4 v 2 fight, with the side that had lower numbers losing. Based on the conversation, they deduced this was a fight between the two clans and moved in to defend those who were being beaten up. They succeeded in rescuing the two and of the four they were fighting, one was killed by Malkeru's Amaterasu while the other three were beaten up and knocked unconscious.

They took the three captive and went on to the meeting location, where Zenko did his best to mediate the dispute between the two clans. The Nakahara leader was an older man who was interested in peace, but was having trouble with the younger members of his clan. The younger Sarutari clan leader was angry over the loss of her father, the previous leader, and brothers, but was willing to entertain a more permanent peace treaty if the Nakahara could refrain from attacking for a month. She refused to make any commitments about Levi's village until after that period, whereas the Nakahara leader expressed interest in meeting with Levi before reaching a decision.

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