KeeningBanshee sketch2

The Banshee is a type of summon contracted at the Shrine of Fear. It is one of the many ghostly summons found to be found symbolizing a negative emotion. In order to obtain a contract with the Banshee, one must sign the parchment in their blood, found in the Shrine of Fear. The Banshee is typically used by Genjutsu specialists.


A Banshee resembles a gaunt, pale woman. However, her feet are ghostly apparitions. She is usually covered in burnt looking bandages and her appearance is accompanied by a thick mist. Her hair is pitch black and reaches down all the way to her waist. Her face, usually covered by her hair, is in a permanent expression of fear, as if she just died.


The abilities of the Banshee are useful to genjutsu users. The Banshee lets out an ear-piercing scream which has 2 different abilities. The first ability of her scream is to paralyze and disrupt the enemies movements, leaving them open for attack. This can be overcome by simple genjutsu dispelling methods. The second ability is those who are in direct range of the scream are then plagued with visions and nightmares that vary from person to person. The visions are what the opponent fears most out of everything in the world. This jutsu must be dispelled by a partner, or a sudden disruption in the enemies chakra, if the opponent can concentrate enough.

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