Name: Summoning: Kira "The Guardian Demon"
Kira Summon

Classification: Ninjutsu
Parent Rank: Summoning
Class: Supportive
Range: Personal
Hand Seals: Unknown
Chakra Control: 13

Description: Kira "The Guardian Demon" is a summoning technique, where Kira's Physical body is brought forth to fight alongside Kai. Since Kai lacks strength for close quarters combat, and excels at fighting with extreme chakra control, Kai relied heavily on his Seishin Shroud for the extra strength boost. However, after meditating and talking with his inner Seishin demon, Kira, Kai was given the opportunity to sign a contract that allows Kira's physical body to be summoned forth -- although Kira's actual mind and spirit stays within Kai. This allows Kai and Kira to communicate within Kai's own body, and thus requires no talk on the battlefield to co-ordinate attacks. But, because Kira is separated from his body, Kira's physical prowess is weakened, and can only last so long in a battle before being reverse summoned back into the demon realm. 

Since Kira's avatar is summoned to help Kai with close-quarters combat, Kira excels at anything that uses his strength and speed. Any ninja tool is used with extreme precision and prowess, and most of all: Kira enjoys crushing opponents with the Legendary Bo-Staff that Kai gave him. 

Known Users:
Kai Kigen

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