Rank upgrades: Sharingan, Genjutsu, Mangekyou Sharingan
MS: Tsukuyomi feat
MS: Amaterasu feat

This opens a chain of feats to build up your Susano'o:

Ribs - Ribs appear, surrounding the user and providing protection. Ribs can be broken by an intermediate attack or strong enough physical prowess (20+ Str). It costs 20 CP to activate and 10 CP/round to maintain. If it is broken it can be repaired for 20 CP.

Arms - The Susano'o ribcage appears along with a set of arms attached. The ribcage functions as previously described (intermediate barrier). The arms allow Susano to attack with either a bow and arrow *or* swords and function as a 'free' 20 CP attack per round after the maintenance cost, on top of the user's ability to initiate an attack from inside the Susano'o. Upon chosing this feat select bow or swords and your Susano'o gains the weapon/s you chose to attack with. This costs 20 CP to activate (with the ribs) and then 20 CP/round to maintain.

Skeletal Susano'o - A more complete version of the Susano'o forms. This upgrades the barrier aspect of Susano'o so that it can withstand either a taxing jutsu or physical attacks with 30+ strength behind them. This also upgrades the previously taken arms to a 'free' 40 CP attack if bow was taken or two 'free' 40 CP attacks if swords were taken, after the maintenance cost, and allows for an additional set of arms to be taken with the next feat. Costs 40 CP to activate and 20 CP/round to maintain.

Arm Augment - Susano'o gains another set of arms, allowing for Susano'o to wield a bow and two swords. This effectively grants Susano'o an extra three attacks per round that are free after the maintenance costs of Susano'o: two 40 CP melee attacks and 1 40 CP ranged attack. This is in addition to any additional attacks initiated by the user (which cost CP). Furthermore, Susano'o still functions as an advanced barrier, able to withstand a taxing jutsu or physical attacks up to 30 strength. This costs 40 CP to activate and 40 CP/round to maintain.

Additional augments can be added as feats, such as adding a shield of Amaterasu. However, perfect Susano'o or more advanced forms than skeletal Susano'o are not allowed.

Supercharge mechanics - Charging can be applied piecemeal to the Susano'o construct. The shield aspect can be charged following normal mechanics, however unless the melee and/or ranged attacks are also charged they function as normal.

Examples: barrier is charged to 60 CP. This means that the barrier functions as a 60 CP barrier, whereas the ranged attacks and melee attacks function as 40 CP attacks. If the user wants to charge the barrier and the ranged attack, they spend 60 CP for the barrier and 20 CP extra to charge the 40 CP ranged attack for a total of 80 CP that round. If they want to charge the barrier, melee, and ranged attacks they spend 100 CP: 60 for the barrier, 20 for the boost to the ranged attack, and 20 for the boost to the melee attacks.

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