Susorai Monigetsu
Independant Susorai
Personal Information
Username /u/MrAnonymous825
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 5'9
Weight 150 lbs
Affiliation Akatsuki
Clan Monigetsu
Rank Chunin


Mar 10/13, 3 feats

Appearance and Personality

Susorai has messy curly dark-brown hair and dark-brown eyes. His attire consists of the Chi No Onizame cloak for formal meetings, and his battle armor when he's not really doing anything.

Susorai can sometimes be obnoxious, but when he gets mad, he loses all control and goes nuts. He's very greedy. He makes smart remarks and challenges anyone who has a problem with him. He's usually friendly, but he will trun hostile if he has a bad feeling about a person. He likes to read and practice his jutsus out by a source of water. Becuase the water jutsus consume part of his body's natural water and his chakra, he gets thirsty often and carries a container with water. He likes to lie and usually gets away with it. He can be calm and rash sometimes, and he cares deeply about the ones close to him.

Stats (Total: 42)




Chakra Levels:4

Chakra Control:3


Banked: 9


  • Shark sword
    (3) Set of Kunai

Rank Upgrades

Genin 1: Water Chakra Nature

Genin 2: Kekkei Genkai: Chakra-Stealing Sharks

Chunin: Summoning: Onizame(Demon Shark)

Susorai summons his beast to assist him.

Jonin: N/A

S-Rank: N/A

Kage Rank: N/A

Abilities and Equipment

Feats earned so far: 5

Banked feats: 0

QP Banked: 0

Total QP: 0

  1. Water Release: Water Bomb Barrage
  • Susorai will throw shrapnel-filled water bombs. If they miss the target, they will just splash, and the shrapnel won't be as effective.

2. Transformation: Onizame Stage 1

  • Susorai will transform into his inner beast, the demon shark Onizame.  The summoning has 3 stages. The first one is when you see dark blue chakra forming around Susorai. He has a larger chakra intake at stage one. He temporarily has extra chakra to draw on from the demon shark and his water release jutsu become a bit more powerful until his body tires and he has to come out of the state, leaving him exhausted.

3. Weapon: Onizame

  • Susorai can use the Onizame in combat as a sword. The curls of the sword will start to straighten out, except the top. The top forms a blade. Susorai can pull the segments off, but the segments are not strong when seperated. To open up the chakra gems, any shark-blood nin insert their blood into the hils, which has a mouth. The gems begin to flash lights when it is ready. When it is ready, Susorai deposits large amounts of chakra into the sword, which will light up gems. When each gem is lit, the sword becomes sharper. When all gems are lit, the sword becomes longer and the hooks grow out. But the sword becomes haevier with each gem lit up.

4. Transformation: Onizame Stage 2

  • Susorai will transform into Stage 2. Here, he has partial control of his body, larger chakra intake,and more speed. Dark-Blue chakra forms around him in the shape of a bull shark, acting as a shield. To kill it, break the shield, then Susorai will be open. It drains more chakra, so he's more vulnerable when he returns to human.

5. Water Style: Water Shark Blast

  • Susorai will shoot out a huge force of water, then sharks will form inside. If the sharks hit, they will chew and bite you. If they miss, they will just splash onto the floor. To kill the sharks, you would have to kill them like a normal shark.

Completed Missions

S-Rank: 0

A-Rank: 0

B-Rank: 0

C-Rank: 0

D-Rank: 0

Raids: 0

Other: 0

History and Story

Susorai is currently 23. He was born into royalty. He was very spoiled as he grew up, but he was cut off from the family funds. He went bezerk and tried killing his parents at 18. He was sedated and transported very far from his clan to avoid any more danger. Full of hatred, he spent the rest of his years living in the woods. Until he joined the Akatsuki at 20, he learned to put the past behind him. As a member, he did the recon missions. When he matured, he attacked his clan. Many died, but some escaped. It is said the families are scattered across the nations, and changed their names becuase of the shame brought upon the  Monigetsu clan. He has visited all of the villages at least once in full Akatsuki attire, but it is unknown how he has not been caught. He is now the leader of his clan that he destroyed because the previous leader, his father, has been prenounced dead. He wants to make up for what he has done by going on a journey to try and reunite and rebuild the clan.
Susorai before Akatsuki

Susorai as a Shinobi for the Hidden Mist.

He currently possesses the Onizame, his clan's treasure, which also contains Onizame, the demon shark. The sword gets passed down from clan leader to clan leader. He has left the Akatsuki because "My goals differ from theirs. I want to protect Lorcian, the clan, and prevent the prophecy." He is in a relationship with Lorcian Uchiha-Monigetsu.

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