Suzuki clan symbol
Clan Leader NPC
Member Limit 10
Clan subreddit N/A

Clan InformationEdit

All members of the Suzuki clan can be recognized by their black hair and eyes and wearing clothes the color of red and black. The Suzuki clan is not based in any one clan making it common to see a Suzuki fighting for any village. Suzuki's tend to use fire techniques. When a Suzuki is deemed ready he/she is put through the rite of passage, a terrible week of pain and agony that leave all members at least partially insane. This leaves the participant a branching path to embrace the insanity or control it, either way becoming a stronger being. They are then sent to join a village or organization.

Clan AbilitiesEdit

Kekkei Genkai: Girisha Kaji

A chemical in all Suzuki's sweat gland can be secreted anywhere on their bodies and with a little friction such as rubbing your hands together for a few seconds can get the chemical to catch on fire. Like Greek fire it can even burn on everything but as a chemical fire and needing more oxygen to burn than normal fire, it is more suseptible to being smothered. Can be used to augment other jutsu but costs more chakra.

Current MembersEdit

Kaito Suzuki

Rikukara Suzuki

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