Sword Freezer

Shiruno Yuki using Ice Sign: Sword Freezer

Name: Sword FreezerEdit

Kanji: 氷遁: ソードフリーザー
Romanji: Hyōton: Soudo Furiizaa

Chakra Type: IceEdit

Chakra Control: 7Edit

Chakra Level: 6Edit


An Augmentative jutsu that allows the user to create a blade or other stabbing implement of ice around their hand or arm. While bigger may seem better it should be noted that the smaller the blade created, the more the user can concentrate on the sharpness of the edge and the faster they can create and dissipated the blade. Thus the user can swing about a large, almost bludgeoning blade over their arm (as pictured) or they can make a fast stabbing stiletto of a blade that can protrude and retract quickly.

When cast the blade doesn't last for long (only a couple of rounds max) and serves as and augment to close combat attacks

The most commonly created blades would be of comparable length to a short sword or Gladius sized blade extending from the users flat palm. The blade is preternaturally cold and may cause freeze burns on the tissues it cuts unless the victim is resistant to cold attacks.

It should be noted that this jutsu is easier to cast if there is a nearby body of water to transform into ice so the user doesn't have to create the ice from scratch using chakra and can be seen to almost pull the blade out of the water.

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