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Enter the Hoshigaki temple and get the Samehiga sword contained within.


Amaya has been searching for the Samehiga, a sword that is a brother to the legendary Samehada. She believes that it is located in an old Hoshigaki temple in the Land of Water, however Hoshigaki clan members potentially guard it. Thus she requested help from friends and allies.

Mission RecapEdit

Answering Amaya's request for help are Sankuro and Okami. The three entered the temple and were immediately accosted by two ninja who were guarding it. The three refused to back down, so the ninja became hostile. Amaya attacked one of them and wounded him, then Sankuro threw Reaper at him to further injure him. Meanwhile, Okami used soulbane on the other ninja, who then beheaded his companion. While the man was recovering from the genjutsu, Amaya stabbed him in the throat, Sankuro's Reaper puppet stabbed him further, and then Okami beheaded him.

Left in the altar room, the three started to look for clues as to where the sword might be or for some indication as to where more rooms in the temple were. Okami noticed a chakra spot on a pillar and pressed it, opening stairs that led beneath the altar. The group headed down and found themselves in a room with a lit up gem and some mirrors, and a dark gem above a closed door. While Sankuro fiddled with the mirrors, a double of him emerged and attacked him, but was easily defeated by a sword stab from Amaya. Meanwhile, Okami was investigating the bright gem and found that he could turn it to change direction, then reflect the light with a wrist blade to cause the door to open.

They found another altar room with some sword holders indicating that the swords were present in the room at one point in time. Before they could investigate for clues, a man appeared from behind them and started to attack them for intruding. They were all able to evade his initial attack, then returned with some of their own. Amaya injured him with her Kamasutachi and then Okami summoned Shar. Once Okami did so, the man created an Earth Golem, which was damaged by Amaya's lightning spear. The golem did further damage to itself by hitting Shar, losing an arm in the process. Okami knocked the man over by hitting him from behind with a rasengan. They tried to get answers, but the man refused to talk, so they killed him. Clues to the sword's whereabouts were discovered in the altar room, however.

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