Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 01/31/2014
  • Submitted by: Gaaran
  • Rank: B
  • Overseer: Hiwatari
  • QP Reward: 1
  • Ryo Reward: 500

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Gaaran (Xhira: The omni blade)

Mission ProfileEdit


Get the sword in the stone


Get the sword in the stone

Mission RecapEdit

What part of get the sword that is in the stone don't you all understand?! 

ok but really gaaran is traveling to try and calm down. he soon finds a path of dragon statues that lead to a forest shrine and a young girl with dragon eyes. she begs gaaran to go get the sword in the stone! She tells him the story of the dragon blood and where it came from as well as its curse. After explaining it she explains the sword and why its important. gaaran goes to get it but there is a catch! the sword is also gaurded by a scary dragon. Gaaran tries to face it but soon makes friends with the beast earning his sword!

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