Clan Leader Eenk Tacoyasha
Member Limit 10
Clan subreddit N/A

Clan InformationEdit

The clan is lead by a Kage level ninja by the name of Eenk. He is supposedly a immortal, who has lived for nearly 150 years and defeated the previous king in a dual in ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, and all others. He is selfritious and upstuck but a man of his people. Tacoyasha is a clan that has existed unknown to the world sceans after the first Great Shinobi war. An average gennin is known to be able to match a Elemental Country's high chunnin if trained properly. The leaders often believe that the clan is the highest power and has no need for the country's help. In order to graduate an gennin must master two weapons. The clan has ninja known as IGN (info gathering ninja) who are usually s-class and are raised from birth to gather knowledge. If an IGN has a child outside of the village then the child is not allowed into the village under the law against treason, treachery, and spying. A untouchable as the child will be known will be trained by two masters to gather knowledge and are abandoned at age sixteen.

Clan AbilitiesEdit

Photographic memory Weapon mastery Large chakra capacity Potion creation

Kekkei Genkai: Minds Eye & Blood ReleaseEdit

Minds eye is a telipathic link that can be granted through blood that allows the sharers to see what the other sees. This is commonly used to report info back to the leader of the village.

Blood release is a jutsu that is subconsciously activated at birth that lets the user see through taijutsu. It allows the user to our maneuver any taijutsu through muscle memory. It acts much like the sharingan letting them dodge taijutsu attacks. The more an opponent uses taijutsu the weaker it becomes against them. Later in life this jutsu allows the user to use Minds Eye.

Signature Jutsu:Life's Story Edit

Life's Story is a form of summoning that allows every detail of what has happened to someone through their entire life to be pushed into a scroll along with their life force. When this summon is used, the summon will appear from the afterlife as a ghostly figure to then tell anything the summoner wishes to know about that specific person. The life force will then return to the scroll when they are finished. The scroll is required and you are unable to find info from the life if they did not die from this jutsu. This is used mainly for educational purposes. WARNING! THIS JUTSU KILLS THE USER! IT IS A JUTSU TO SACRIFICE YOURSELF AND YOUR KNOWLEDGE LIVE ON!

Current MembersEdit

Raiklo Tacoyasha

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