Taijutsu (体術; Literally meaning "Body Techniques") is a basic form of techniques and refers to any techniques involving the martial arts or the optimization of natural human abilities. Taijutsu is executed by directly accessing the user's physical and mental energies, relying on the stamina and strength gained through training. It typically does not require chakra, though chakra may be used to enhance its techniques. Taijutsu is simply put: hand-to-hand combat.

Although it is used by nearly all ninja, some characters use taijutsu almost exclusively like Rock Lee and his teacher Might Guy, are experts of many taijutsu techniques. Example of taijutsu techniques are Dynamic Entry and Leaf Whirlwind. The Hyūga clan's Gentle Fist, however, makes extensive use of chakra and demands great skill in its control. The taijutsu techniques are the right choices for those that want to save their time and chakra, or for those who rely on their physical attributes. It can also be used uniquely in collaboration with ninjutsu to create nintaijutsu techniques.

Eight gates Edit

The 8 Gates is primarily used for those proficient in Taijutsu and is obtained through incredibly hard work. The 8 gates are limiters of the chakra network, preventing the chakra from overflowing. The 8 Gates can be released, as the expense of the users body and endurance.

Gates must be taken in sequential order, i.e. gates 1 and 2 before 3, and 3 before 4. However, the str/spd stat boosts for gates 1 + 2 and gates 4 + 5 can be taken in any order, meaning gate 1 can be either speed or strength depending on the user's priorities. Gates abilities should be configured by the user, i.e. Gate 1 could be +8 partial to speed, but must be set up prior to approval.

Springing youth - 10 CP stat buff in speed, str, or both; costs 10 CP a round
optional feat not required to move on to gate 1 and may be transformed into gate 1 at any point the character wishes to do so.

Gate 1 - Provides a 20 CP stat buff in speed, costs 20 CP a round.

Gate 2 - Provides a 20 CP stat buff in str, costs 20 CP a round.

Gate 3 - Provides a 20 CP stat buff in speed and str, costs 30 CP a round.

Gate 4 - provides a 40 CP stat buff in speed, costs 40 CP a round.

Gate 5 - Provides a 40 CP stat buff in str, costs 40 CP a round.

Gate 6 - Provides a 40 CP stat buff in both speed and str, costs 70 CP a round.

Gate 7 - Provides a 60 CP stat buff in both speed and str, costs 100 CP a round.

Gate 8 - The Gate of Death (死門, Shimon), located at the heart. Releasing this gate uses up all of the body's energy. It makes the heart pump at maximum power and exceeds the power of every other gate. Opening this gate gives the user power that is even beyond the five Kage, but comes at the expense of the user's life shortly after. This increases Strength and Speed by 20 for a limited amount of rounds, determined by the user's endurance divided by 5. Note that if this ability is used, the character will die. Characters can be revived at The Hospital.

Fighting StylesEdit

Strong FistEdit

Strong Fist is Guy's and Lee's characteristic fighting style, the purpose of which is to cause external damage and break bones. It is the exact opposite of Gentle Fist which is used mainly by the Hyūga clan. This style of fighting involves smashing your opponent and is generally used only by extremely physically powerful and dominating shinobi.

Basic (10 CP) JutsuEdit

Dynamic Entry - The technique is basically the user performing a jump kick into their opponent's face. Might Guy is known to throw a weapon, such as a kunai, at the enemy to distract them while he takes advantage of their blind spot in order to land the blow. It is obviously difficult to counter as it was able to bypass Jiraiya's defense.

Leaf Whirlwind - A taijutsu where one launches a succession of high kicks and low kicks. Firstly, the opponent's evasion margin is restrained upon seeing the high kick, thus augmenting the chances for the low kick to hit the mark. So originally the high kick is little more than a feint.

Leaf Gale - This technique is a good example of how even simple taijutsu can become a pre-eminently destructive, lethal technique. The attack is a simple rear spinning low kick, but a strong enough user can send a large adult flying as if they weighed nothing. The goal is to throw the enemy off balance, and deal damage to the lower half of their body.

Intermediate (20 CP) JutsuEdit

Dance of the Leaf - This stance focuses on extremely fast movements to dodge or block incoming attacks from the user's opponent by following the opponents movements closely just like a leaf that dances in the air is followed by its shadow. (+8 partial bonus to dodge 20cp/round)

Leaf Strong Wind - A taijutsu using a combination of speed and power. The essence of this technique is concentrated in a spinning back kick, with such speed that not a single person can follow the user's movement, smashing his enemy with overwhelming strength. In the anime, it also creates a powerful whirlwind around the user which can be used to attack multiple opponents.

Front Lotus - The user kicks their opponent into the air and then uses Shadow of the Dancing Leaf. Once behind their opponent, the user restrains them and pile-drives them into the ground head first while rotating at a ferocious speed. Due to the use of one of the Eight Gates, the user is left extremely fatigued, making this technique a "double-edged sword". It may also be used on multiple people at once.

Reverse Lotus - This technique is an advanced and more destructive version of the Front Lotus, which requires that at least three chakra gates be opened. Once enough gates are opened, the user kicks the target into the air and continues to strike them at inhuman speeds before hitting them with a final, powerful open-handed strike and kick at the same time, sending the target crashing into the ground which is usually fatal due to the speed and power behind the attack.

Taxing (40 CP) JutsuEdit

Mourning Peacock - The Morning Peacock is a certain-kill taijutsu born from the philosophy of Might Guy. The principle of this taijutsu is to rapidly increase the body's abilities by opening up to and including the sixth of the Eight Gates, and then to strike the enemy down with countless punches. The technique is started by kicking the enemy into the air. The user then jumps into the air in a distinctive stance and begins punching the enemy repeatedly. The speed of the punches is so fast that they are set ablaze by sheer speed and friction. This creates a peacock-like fan of flaming chakra around the opponent. Once the attack is finished, the enemy will be sent crashing back to the ground, covered with the attack's aura. The technique is also strong enough to briefly stun a tailed beast as strong as Saiken.

Koutetsu FistEdit

Suna Strong FistEdit

Gentle FistEdit

Known UsersEdit

Aeolipoli Arashi
Jetto Sarutobi
Mitsugaki Hashiroki
Nenshou Natsuin
Nobu the Walking Bomb
Hayato Hyūga

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