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Find the missing girl and bring her home safely


A young girl in the rebuilding village of Konoha has gone missing. Her name is Keiko and her family would very much like to see her again. A handful of genin were assigned the task of finding what happened and reuniting her with her family.

Mission RecapEdit

Asumizu and Kai ran into Sessho, who agreed to help kill the wicked and find the girl. They went to the girl's house where they talked with her parents and brother to find out more about the girl and her boyfriend. They got some information about her boyfriend, Tenshi, and went to the camps where he'd been living to see if they could find out more. They ran into a friend of his who told them he'd been acting strange and camping far from the camp by himself. They went in the direction she indicated and found a nearly destroyed campsite with signs of a struggle and footprints that led to a burrow.

Asumizu and Kai entered the burrow and were attacked. As they retreated, Tenshi came out into the open and appeared deranged as he attacked. They had a hard time landing attacks on him and he scored several hits on them fairly easily. Sessho was able to land hard hits on him and this weakened him and enraged him, which created openings. They were able to wear him down some and kill him. They then found Keiko in the burrow and although she was slightly scratched up she was mostly fine but sad. She told them that Tenshi had tried to obtain power to protect her and kill the Lotus, but it had backfired and ended up taking him over and destroying him. She was then happily reunited with her family in Konoha.

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