Sejio-ro (NPC)
Village Council
Jenifaru-ro (NPC), Minawa of Takigakure (NPC)

General information

Takigakure is located in the land of Waterfalls. It is a relatively small village, lacking in serious military or ninja power. The entire village is built around a large tree and has a waterfall defining its landmark. The village's water supply, and the fact that it has not been invaded, is a pride that all ninja of Takigakure possess. The residents are known to be obnoxious and the government to be corrupt.


When Takigakure was first being developed, they tasked Kakuzu with the assasination of the First Hokage, which he failed at. The village then treated him harshly and imprisoned him. He later escaped and took their secret jutsu, Earth Grudge Fear. Takigakure was not directly involved in the 4th Great Shinobi War, but they were attacked by the Akatsuki after the 7-tails jinchuriki, Fuu, was attacked. However, they cared little, due to the fact Fuu was neglected and hated by her village.

Recent Developments

Many years after the war, after Minawa Haruo's arrival, the village leaders began to greatly fear being attacked in any upcoming war, due to the fact that they have little manpower. They sent Minawa Haruo to strike an alliance with Sunagakure.

The leaders of Takigakure have initiated a super soldier program, causing the kidnapping of children to this end. Through this and research, they are armed with an impressive army of Shadow Monsters and soldiers with the Earth Grudge Fear. Sejio, their leader, stands far above the oppressed citizens, but his true methods are only known by the ones who have heard it from a terrorist named Nobu.