Mission DetailsEditEdit

Ninja TeamEditEdit

  • Shinji
  • Minawa

Mission ProfileEditEdit


An intense spar between two Takigakure genin.


Shinji walked up on Minawa training outside the village and they began to spar.

Mission RecapEditEdit

Training with his kusarigama, Minawa Haruo cut down several trees. All of the sudden, Shinji Uchiha, his fellow Taki genin, showed up out of nowhere and cut down the tree he missed with his flame infused tanto. They exchanged words and began to spar, with Shinji landing the first hit with his Bubble Jutsu. Minawa retaliated with a swift Vacuum Bullets Jutsu to which Shinji countered with some shuriken, both ninjas took hits. The fight quickly escalated as Shinji upped the ante with more powerful jutsu such as the Fireball and Water Trumpet. Minawa was able to hold his own though and hit Shinji with more Vacuum bullets. After dodging Minawa's Gravity Release attack and launching a fireball, which Minawa also dodged, Shinji was able to hit him with some shuriken ending the spar. Both ninja were noticeably exhausted, but even after all of that, Shinji offered Minawa to some ramen. They left the training field and set off...


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