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Teach a bunch of genin about teamwork and peace.


Okami is trying to unify villages and reduce tensions between them, especially in the face of the Oni Lord threat posed to the entire world. He's gathered a group of impressionable genin to teach them how to work well together and promote the ways of peace and solidarity.

Mission RecapEdit

Okami scouted out a task for his charges - a bandit camp in the forest that was in need of handling and could be done so by genin or chunins working together. He gathered up Yuudai and Akuto, who immediately started in on the whys of going after bandits. After some discussion on ethics, Akuto was finally agreeable to going after bandits who'd physically hurt others and so the group made their way to the bandit fort. They began planning ways to work together to take down the bandits while waiting for the sun to set.

Under the cover of growing darkness and a shadow shroud provided by Akuto, Akuto and Yuudai were able to take out the lookout guards easily. They moved on and found tied up children being held in a small building, then they approached to see the rest of the bandits inside another building. Akuto and Yuudai were transformed as the guards they killed and entered to inform them of a campfire off in the distance, then attacked and killed them as they were exiting the building. As this was going on, Okami was attacked by a powerful opponent. Yuudai and Akuto grabbed the kidnapped kids and noped out of there while Okami and his opponent wrestled around. Okami was able to slip off and meet up with Akuto and Yuudai later.

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