By using the 'Telekinetic Energy Manipulation Release, you gain the ability to manipulate the energy that is contained within anything -- enemies, weapons, jutsu, etc. This grants you the use of telekinetc powers. However, your ability to effectively manipulate opponents and energy in general depends on a heavy emphasis on chakra control as well as your opponent's stats.

RU has not been used in a long time and may be out of date. If you wish to take this RU, contact the ephors to work on updating the RU.


Basic (10 CP) JutsuEdit

Telekinetic Manipulation - This grants the user the ability to throw, pull, or halt/deflect an enemy's physical body, weapons, or jutsu. However, this ability is initially a weak version of the use of telekenises, and depends heavily on the character's stats as well as the opponent's stats to resist the energy manipulation. (10 CP per use). Note: Through training, users can continue to update this technique and choose to go back to the original feat and modify their Telekinetic Manipulation to make it more and more powerful. After updating this feat's effectiveness and power against opponents once, the user will permanently need 20CP per use, and then another update will cause 40CP per use. With each boost comes better manipulation/deflection of opponent's jutsu/weapons of equal chakra value.

Intermediate (20 CP) Jutsu Edit

Telekinetic Boost - This feat allows the user to concentrate a build up of energy within their muscles and joints to allow an increase in strength (+5 STR) and speed (+5 SPD). This is an advanced technique and requires at least one upgrated version of the "Telekinetic Manipulation" feat. (20 CP upkeep).

Telekinetic Dome - By filling the air with dense chakra, the user creates a large dome that slows down everyone (except the user) caught within it. (20 CP). 

Telekinetic Force - The user combines another jutsu with their telekinetic powers, throwing their jutsu faster at their opponent. (20 CP).

Telekinetic Blast - The user concentrates chakra into the palms of their hands, aiming it at their opponent. This is similar to a normal pure release energy blast, but anything caught in the direction of this blast can be thrown with it towards the opponent. (20 CP)

Telekinetic Shield - The user has the ability to force up a kinetic wall, which repels any jutsu/weapon/physical attack (equal to the CP expense of this jutsu) and is thrown back towards the opponent. (20 CP to create, 10 CP upkeep).

Taxing (40 CP) JutsuEdit

Multiple Telekinetic Manipulation - The user can target several opponents or jutsu at once, manipulating each of them with the same cost of a normal Telekinetic jutsu. However, because this feat is more widespread, it requires a lot of skill. Thus, in order to have this feat, the user MUST have another Telekinetic feat that requires 40 CP as a prerequisite, demonstrating their mastery of telekinesis. [passive]

Telekinetic Destruction - The user focuses all their rage into their telekinetic powers, causing mass destruction all across their environment. By using this devastating technique, the user kneads their chakra energy throughout the environment, allowing the user to remotely send an energy attack from all sorts of different directions at their opponent. (40 CP) [user should have pure release, and these pure release feats can be used in combination with this]

Telekinetic Crush - This feat is extremely powerful, allowing the user to focus on an immense amount of chakra laying within the enemy -- and essentially use the enemy's own chakra to crush them from within. (It would look like as if an invisible giant grabed the person between two hands and started squeezing the life out of them.) An opponent's stats may allow them to more effectively resist this technique -- but to others, it can be fatal. (40 CP).

Known Users

Kai Kigan


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