By using the 'Telekinetic Energy Manipulation Release,  the user gains the ability to manipulate the energy that is contained within anything -- enemies, weapons, jutsu, etc. However. Your ability to effectively manipulate opponents and land attacks follow the to hit rules and all the usual rules. There are no bonuses to attack, built in multi-attacks, or hand-less abilities just because this is based on "telekinesis" like abilities.


Basic (10 CP) JutsuEdit

Telekinetic push - This grants the user the ability to create a repulsive blast to damage a target from a distance. (10 CP attack)

Telekinetic manipulation - the user reaches out with their Chakra and manipulates a target in the area for strategical purposes, pulling an immobilized opponent, bringing a weapon closer, holding something out of opponents sight etc (10 cp manipulation/set up jutsu. Jutsu is single use on one item/cluster 5 CP upkeep)

Flight - The user manipulates their own body with telekinetic energy allowing them to freely move in any direction (10 CP, 5 CP maintenance)

Air block - the user focuses their telekinetic energy around their body and amplify key movements to boost their speed (+5 Speed 10cp a round)

Intermediate (20 CP) Jutsu Edit

Telekinetic Boost - This feat allows the user to concentrate a build up of energy within their muscles and joints to allow an increase in speed. This often has the effect of small rocks and pebbles around the user to float around them as the telekinetic energy exudes from their body. speed (+8 SPD) (20 CP a round ).

Telekinetic Dome - By filling the air with dense chakra, the user creates a large dome that protects the user (20 CP 10 CP upkeep). Barrier mechanics. 

Telekinetic Force - The user send out a blast of telekinetic energy that carries with it anything else in its path. The attack has a cone shaped area of effect radiating outwards often bringing up bits of the area as shrapnel (20 CP attack).

Telekinetic Blast - The user concentrates telekinetic energy around them and releases it as an explosion around them (20CP area attack)

Environmental protection - The user pulls in any nearby materials from the area and infuses them with telekinetic energy to protect them, be it nearby trees, rocks, structures, or other objects (20cp barrier, 10Cp upkeep)

Advanced (40CP) Jutsu Edit

Telekinetic Bind - the user enshrouds a target with their telekinetic energy and holds it in place (40 CP bind, 20CP upkeep follows bind mechanics)

Telekinetic crush - the user penetrates the targets body with an attracting force that pulls inwards, crushing the target from within(40cp single target attack)

Heavens Crash - The user brings down an incredible force of telekinetic energy from above, slamming everything around them downwards (40 CP area attack)

Known Users