Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 2013-07-04
  • Submitted by: Kazuki
  • Rank: B
  • Overseer: Eclipse(TOS) Nobu(OS)
  • Recapper: Eclipse
  • QP Reward: 3
  • Ryo Reward: 2000

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Nobu
  • Kazuki Itou

Mission ProfileEdit


Kazuki was sent to eliminate Nobu


Seji-Ro, sends Kazuki to eliminate Nobu, because he knows where the shadow monster production facility is and the Ro's won't allow the secret to get out.

Mission RecapEdit

Kazuki brings two shadow creatures to Nobu's house, the shadow monsters hide and Kazuki knocks on the door. Nobu answers the door and Kazuki asks if he would like to go for a short walk, and while Nobu feels suspicious about it, he agrees.

Suddenly Nobu is attacked by the shadow creatures, and one is able to grab him, but Nobu kicks it and forces it to let go, while the other tries to use a genjutsu on him. As he dispells the jutsu, Kazuki uses a water summoning scroll to summon a large amount of water. Nobu then smashes the shadow who tried to put him under a genjutsu, but is then sandwiched between a water fang from Kazuki and an Explosive blast from the other shadow. Nobu activates the 4th gate and jumps over the jutsu, but not before he is slashed by the water fang.

Nobu then body flickers next to Kazuki and smashes him with a haunting dead, knocking a paper bomb out of his hand, then the other shadow starts it's own water fang. Kazuki uses his water shark jutsu to transport him further away from Nobu, while the water fang picks up the fallen paper bomb. Nobu fires poltergeists at both of them, Kazuki throws No-name at Nobu, causing the sword and jutsu to collide, cancelling the jutsu out and causing the sword to lodge itself in the ground. The shadow is hit by the jutsu and is destroyed causing the water fang to cease functioning and having the fang stop just before hitting Nobu, leaving a wet paper bomb at his feet.

Nobu then fires a spectral wraith at Kazuki, which he dodges with a body flicker, but is then hit by the follow-up haunting dead, smashing him into the ground. Nobu deactivates the 4th gate and walks over to Kazuki and asks why he attacked him. Kazuki teleports No-name back to him and attempts to hit Nobu with a lighting Katana jutsu, but Nobu body flickers away and eats a chakra pill. Kazuki's strength runs out and he can no longer even lift his sword, Nobu has won.

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