Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 2/23/14
  • Submitted by: Okamii
  • Rank: A
  • Overseer: Kai
  • QP Reward: 4
  • Ryo Reward: 2000

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Sessho
  • Okamii
  • Tanyu
  • Eiji

Mission ProfileEdit


Get through the tournament


Kill canibals to live!

Mission RecapEdit

The ninja group wakes up in a dark room, before falling down a dark pit into a room where cannibals waited for them! The cannibals tell the ninjas group that they are going to be participating in a cannibal tournament, where if they lose, they'll be eaten! If they win, then they live! And can fight cannibals another day!

... so they beat all the baddies in the tournament and live! \o/ Yay!

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