Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

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Destroy the rampant Wolf Incarnate


Okamii had an interesting encounter not long ago in which he was attacked by the crazed Wolf Incarnate while with some genin. Akio has told him that the current Incarnate has become corrupted and must be dealt with, as he's a deadly threat to any he ventures across and also seems to have a vendetta against several of the wolves in Akio's pack. The Incarnate and a few wolves have defected from the rest to a location in the hills of Demon Country where they are said to lay waste to any who ventures too close to their territory.

Mission RecapEdit

They found themselves in the hills and heard wolves in the distance and around them. The group didn't fall for the pack's attempts to herd them elsewhere, so the wolves gave up and went in for a stealth attack. The first two were handily beaten, but then a big one showed up and meant serious business. As Nen went to deal with this one, he was pounced on by the Incarnate. After a difficult battle against the crazed Incarnate and his difficult summons who protected him, they finally beat through the defenses and put the man down.

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