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Destroy the cult base and obtain information


Amaya has learned of the location of a cult created by her father. The base is located deep underground near Kirigakure. She’s assembled a group to enter this base to gather supplies, information, and cripple the cult as best she can. From Zaikatsu she has learned of the location of the entrance to this underground facility. Although the facility is supposedly located beneath Kiri, the entrance to the subterranean lair is located about a mile out in a small forest.

Mission RecapEdit

The group met up and then went to the entrance of the cult's lair, where they had to search to find a keypad and clue to the code. Once they input that the door opened and they had a really long stairway to descend and then a really long hallway to walk down. Clais knocked on the door and a man opened, then tried to shut it but Clais prevented this and a short scuffle ensued with three of the cultists dying. They then entered another room, but split up to see different areas.

Okami ended up in the barracks where he easily took care of a few men. Amaya found a large room where she killed a few men, then she found the communications room and killed two assistants while the other woman fled. She and Okami ended up battling her, while Clais was in the supply room battling another man. Once Okami and Amaya finished off the woman, Okai went to rejoin Clais who had the situation mostly under control by that point, while Amaya destroyed the comms center and then rejoined them. They then destroyed the armory and as they were heading further in they encountered a man in armor with a large sword. After a difficult battle they succeeded in killing him and Amaya went to gather information and further destroy the base.

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