Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit

The Uchiha are tasked with stopping the uchiha killings in the land of lightning.

Mission RecapEdit

The ninja meet in an inn where they meet a big muscular Uchiha and another who was partially blinded. They task the uchiha with stopping a group of hyuga from assassinating uchiha on the road. Jeisen tells Kurai to stay behind so the jonin are lures for the hyuga. The hyuga appear and one of them has the fabled Kagayaku Byuakugan. The leader and jeisen go toe to toe until the leader and jeisen are both low on chakra allowing Shinji to burn the leader with an amaterasu dragon. Kurai saves shinji from being wrapped in chakra whips and malk cuts a hyuga's arms off. The last two suicide rather tahn be captured.

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