Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Tanyū Uzumaki (Got the Gem for her Sword \o/) (poisoned kunai (reduces enemy speed by 5 for 2 rounds) – 1 time use
  • Kantaro Uzumaki (barrier shield (up to 40 CP protection) - 2 uses
  • Tiburan Momochi (Hidden in Mist Scroll (lasts 2 rounds) – 1 time use

Mission ProfileEdit



Mission RecapEdit

They are in the Land of River

walk and chat

find the temple

almost fall into green ewww water

enter temple

stalked bu creeepy snakes

snkaes form into snake people mounds

they are meanies and kill the snakes T-T

continues on

kill more snakes (Jerkfaces)

continue on

find Gem

its a.... eye in a giant Gem Snake O.O

fight giant Gem snake that breaths... LASER BEAMS OF DEATH

win fight (MAGICALLY)

Tanyu has living Gem for sword

everyone happy \o/

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