Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 6/8/2013
  • Submitted by: Taro
  • Rank: A
  • Overseer: Taro
  • Recapper: Taro
  • QP Reward: 4
  • Ryo Reward: 4000

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission DescriptionEdit

An extremely dangerous prsioner, Prisoner X, has escaped from his cell at a prison in the Land of Waves called the Jagged Stone. This man was said to have been sealed there on the island before the prison was even built. Upon his escape he released the other prisoners. It is the ninja teams job to find any survivors and kill/or seal Prisoner X.

Mission Recap.Edit

The ninja meet ona pier and wait for the transport to the prison. A prison guard who operates the transport appears in a dinghy and takes the ninja too the prison. Upon the way they find out more about the situation at the prison and the guard suggests searching for the warden first because he is a powerful ninja, a hyuga.

When the Ninja arrive at the prison they can already tell it's been through hell. The entranceway is completely wrecked with dead guards everytwhere and flickering lights. As the reach a 4 way intersection they have the option of going forwards into darkness, left towards the light, or right into a hallway with flickering lights. Kazuki finds a map and decides to go right towards the medbay.

In the medbay they find a prisoner who has taken so many drugs, his body swells and he no longer feels pain. He smashes the ground and gets Celeste stuck with dperessants and Zeke stuck with stimulants before being killed and exploding into a gooey mess.

They reach the wardens office but Hokori slips out a trapdoor to the entrance (He dc-ed and never came back.). The find him passed out but alive, They startle him by breaking the door and he nail kazuki with an air palm. After explaining they are the help, the hyuga leads the team to prisoner X.

When they get their he explains the man is the nara ancestor and gets speared through the byakugan ith the shadow stitching technique. The Nara man then makes him fight the ninja. Celeste releases an attack but is then knocked out (She DC-ed). Kazuki after a few turns of battle is able to destroy the hyuga man's body, preventing further shadow puppetry,  but he passes out from running out of chakra. Zeke is one on one with the nara man so he give kazuki his last military ration pill. Kazuki wake up and together with their shadowclones the kill (or so the think) the nara ancestor.

Zeke loots the wardens body for dna and the keys but when he tries to loot the nara's body it dissappears into the shadows. Kazuki and Zeke then carry celeste out to the dock and leave the island with Hokori.

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