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Explore the ruined library.


While traveling through the Land of Wind's desert, Shinkirō found himself standing before a mysterious ruined library together with Orr, before both decided to explore the aforementioned building.

Mission RecapEdit

Shinkirō and Orr found a ruined library in the middle of the desert, both being intrigued by it, the Suna-nin even more since he didn't remember seeing it before. The two entered, finding the insides of the building to be just as ruined as the outside; they walked around, examining the bookshelves before Orr stumbled upon a corpse of another Suna-nin because of sunlight reflecting off the corpse's headband.

After finding a note in the corpse's flak jacket and reading it, Orr and Shinkirō managed to find an opening behind one of the bookshelf. While the former could pass through the opening, the latter couldn't, so he pulled the object before the two entered the dark passageway. Shinkirō pulled out a glowstick and snapped it to light up the place, giving another to Orr who did the same, but in the end it was useless since previously-unseen torches suddenly lit up.

The ninja began walking through the hallway, beginning to hear voices from a room relatively far away as they approached it. They found two people wearing beige cloaks, one with short dark hair and the other with long blonde hair. Shinkirō decided to attack them while they hadn't noticed him and Orr, but the dark-haired one, Kitoro, put a barrier made of pure flame to stop his advances. It was for naught though, since Shinkirō managed to go through it and attack him. Meanwhile the blonde one, Yasatamagatarosantayu, Ya-sama for short, fought Orr.

The battle ended after one of Orr's dust bomb collided with Kitoro's Incinerating Flare, mummifying Kitoro and Ya-sama, who were in front of Shinkirō and Orr respectively and barely got burned.

The only thing left in the room was a pedestal with a desert fox standing on it, who was revealed to be the Sabaku no Kitsune, a Seishin Hosuto. After speaking with Orr and Shinkirō, the desert fox disappeared after telling Orr that all the information he needed was in the book. Orr then got the book that was on the pedestal, and the two left the library.

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